Growing plants

Major focus on energy and the environment

Energy and the environment are two high priority issues at the Port of Södertälje. Here we are working determinedly to take global responsibility in achieving climate targets. The focus is on reducing emissions of carbon dioxide as it represents 80 percent of the greenhouse gases.

For the past year Port of Södertälje has been using the environmentally advantageous propellant HVO100 for their fleet of vehicles, machinery and cranes. HVO stands for hydrogenated vegetable oils, even if all raw materials are not always vegetable-based. HVO100 means that the propellant to 100 percent consists of HVO. The similarity with regular diesel means the fuel does not require a vehicle to be specially adapted to use it or special storage requirements which leads to lower operating costs and faster deployment.

- It is a relatively new renewable fuel, known for its good environmental and climate performance, says Tomas Zackrisson, environmental officer at Port of Södertälje. It is a chemical copy of a normal diesel but with a slightly lower density.

Port of Södertälje is also participating in the Telge Group's overall energy audit which aims to promote improved energy efficiency in large companies. The survey will provide answers to how the use of energy looks today, what measures are the most profitable to invest in and which energy provides the greatest efficiency.

- For the last five years we have reduced our electricity consumption by 30 percent and district heating consumption by 20 percent, says Tomas. We now continue to focus on improving energy efficiency by increasing our use of LED lighting, lighting controls and minimize our energy losses.

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