Vocational college students are choosing the Port of Södertälje

Published: 12/18/2018 10:26:06 AM

Logistics student Nina Mattisson did not hesitate when it was time to choose her work experience: the Port of Södertälje was her obvious choice.

It was during a study visit that Nina Mattison realised what the Port of Södertälje had to offer. Now she had found the place where she wanted to practise when it was time for Learning at Work (LIA), the part of the educational programme when the skills are endorsed in real positions in logistically efficient companies.

The logistics programme at Campus Telge is a full time education that lasts for 3½ terms. In addition to the theoretical basis, students who attend the course also make a number of study visits and conclude with practice in a workplace of their choice. 

The Port of Södertälje regularly welcomes students from many different programmes and specialisations. Investments in sustainability, IT systems and modern solutions mean that the Port of Södertälje is an interesting place for the future and for the people who will manage the future.

Why did you choose to do your work experience at the Port of Södertälje?

The Port of Södertälje was my first choice and because they responded quickly to my application, there was nothing else to wonder about. 

What is the Port of Södertälje like as a workplace?

I thought it would be hard to get in as a girl in a male dominated profession but I found that it really wasn’t like that. I got a great welcome.

What are your duties during your practice period at the Port of Södertälje?

Traffic coordinator, planning for ships calling at Igelsta quay where bulk cargoes are unloaded, invoicing, being at the heart of things, contact with Söderenergi, machinist and ship broker, to just mention some of everything I've done.

Have you encountered any difficulties in your work?

It took a while to familiarise myself with the operation and really get started but it really wasn’t difficult. I didn’t know some of the words and specific terms that are used, so I have had to ask for a translation of the ones I didn’t understand, but everyone is very accommodating and happy to explain when asked.

Did you need a lot of guidance at the beginning before you could work more independently?

It probably took a few weeks but after I learned to master the business system, everything went on very well.

Do you feel that you can influence the logistics processes you are involved in?

Very much, it feels like people value opinions and arrive at solutions together.

Would you recommend the Port of Södertälje for work experience for future students?

Yes, absolutely.


Learning at Work (LIA) means that part of the educational programme is located in a workplace. About a quarter of the programme consists of Learning at Work.

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