Over 100 000 new cars are imported via Port of Södertälje annually. The port has three berths, with ramps, for top-class RoRo handling and state-of-the-art storage areas.

The handling of cars, caravans, trailers and construction equipment is specialized and demands high standards of both unloading and delivery requirements. These high standards can also be seen throughout the RoRo area where recent major investment in drainage, surface paving, signage lines and safety equipment have been implemented. The RoRo area is surrounded by an electrified fence with CCT monitoring, in addition to around-the-clock security patrols.

Axess Logistics owns and runs the PDI facility and operates in connection with Port of Södertälje. The rail track within the port area is directly connected to the main rail network and car transports arrive daily from other destinations in the country.


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