General info

Port of Södertälje lies 30 nautical miles from Landsort pilot station. Approximatelly 500-700 vessels dock annually at the port’s four harbours: South Harbour, the Energy Terminal, Igelsta Quay and Uthamnen.

In the channel between Landsort and the Port of Södertälje the maximum permitted draft is 9 meters, the maximum vessel length 200 meters and a width of 32 meters. Exemptions to these dimensions can be applied for via the Swedish Maritime Administration. Maximum sail-free height is 50 meters with the exception of Igelsta Quay and Uthamnen, where maximum height is 42 meters.

If you continue past the Port area you will arrive at Södertälje’s sluice. Annually, over 2 000 vessels pass through the sluice and into Lake Mälaren. The sluice’s maximum dimensions for vessels are 135 x 19 meters and a maximum draught of depth 6,8 meters. The sluice is operated under the auspices of the Swedish Maritime Administration.

Prior notification procedure

Vessel arrival notification must always be sent and to have reached us 24 hours prior to arrival and no later than 16:00 last weekday before holiday.

Services for waste, sludge and fresh water

Port of Södertälje accepts both waste and sludge. A waste notification form must have reached us at least 24 hours before arrival or at the latest 15:00 last weekday before holiday. Enclose the declaration of machineroom waste form when leaving sludge.

To guarantee the supply of fresh water your order must be made during business hours. Fresh water delivery ordered beyond normal working hours will be liable to an overtime surcharge.

Maritime and Port Security

On 1st July 2004, the Maritime Security Act (2004: 487) was passed that governs the safety and security of ships and ports. On 15th June, 2007 the Port Security Act (2006: 1209) for the protection of people, infrastructure and equipment in ports against serious illegal acts was introduced.

Customs filter

The port has an approved customs filter, which is necessary for passenger traffic.

The following apply to Port of Södertälje:

  • All port areas are fenced and signposted. Some parts of the fence are complemented by alarmed electric fencing and CCTV monitoring.
  • Only authorized personnel have access to these areas.
  • It is not permitted to drive on the lanes between container rows. These may only be used by the port’s container trucks.
  • Each vessel’s arrival receives a unique code for crew access to the area.
  • High-visibility clothing shall be worn in all port areas at all times.
  • All persons shall be prepared to prove their identity, their reasons for admission to the port and a search if deemed necessary.
  • Disengage twist locks at the designated area before continuing to the truck area. This measure reduces the risk of accident.