1 000 hectares with 1 000 possibilities

The lack of land for a large logistics center in Stockholm has been apparent but Stockholm Syd, on the outskirts of Södertälje opens new opportunities for the region to grow. Some 40 companies are already established on the Nykvarn-side of the area which has led to many new jobs for the municipality.

Stockholm is suffering from growing pains. Industrial areas are transformed into housing estates and distribution centres are forced out of cities. In order for freight logistics to function a geographically favorable place needed to be found. That location is Stockholm Syd, an area between Södertälje och Nykvarn that is geographically ideally situated with both rail links and the main E4/E20 highways in close proximity. Port of Södertälje and the busy Skavsta airport are also nearby.

Stockholm Syd, with a total land area of 1 000 hectares and as big as the city areas of Stockholm’s Södermalm and Kungsholmen put together, is a joint association between Södertälje and Nykvarn’s municipalities and private land owners. Together they have created a group to market locations to large companies within logistics as well as to smaller companies wishing to establish themselves at Stockholm Syd.

- Nykvarn has received a boost through the opening of Stockholm Syd which has seen new companies moving into the area and has created badly needed jobs, says Bengt Andersson, civil construction manager at Nykvarn municipality.

Hundreds of new jobs

Large companies such as Volkswagen, Scania and Aditro have established themselves on the land owned by Nykvarn municipality and has helped to create hundreds of new jobs. Even more jobs will be available as large international companies see the advantages of storing their stocks and goods destined for Scandinavia at Stockholm Syd.

- With 1 000 hectares of land follows 1 000 possibilities, continues Bengt Andersson, who is now organizing a party to celebrate Nykvarn’s population exceeding 10 000. Nykvarn is growing at an ultra-fast rate and we can be proud of the fact we are the 6th fastest-growing community in Sweden. This expansion is greatly due to Stockholm Syd and for this we are very grateful.

The Stockholm Syd logisitc centre is good news for Port of Södertälje too. Companies can now choose to use the waterways instead of freighting by road with the proximity of both Stockholm and Stockholm Syd at a convenient distance.

- Both the environment and the region as a whole are winners with the establishment of the new logitics centre Stockholm Syd, says Erik Froste, managing director of Port of Södertälje.

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