Två nya truckar

A modernised machine park

Published: 12/11/2019 3:54:23 PM

There have been two new additions to the Port of Södertälje’s machine park; two reach stackers were delivered at the end of November and were already in service by the first week of December.

– We have acquired the two new stackers on operating leases, which is a departure for us in terms of this type of vehicle, says Håkan Johansson, maintenance manager at the Port of Södertälje.

The leasing agreement runs for five years, with all maintenance such as service and repairs being conducted by the vehicle supplier, Brubakken.

– This is an exciting, long-term collaboration for us. We are in no doubt that this is the most cost-effective alternative. The leasing agreement is based on total hours of use, says Håkan.

Optimised workflow

The Port of Södertälje operates a total of five reach stackers for container handling. The new vehicles will replace the two oldest stackers in the port’s vehicle fleet. The procurement process began in November 2018 and, one year later, the process was complete.

– The two reach stackers being replaced have a lot of hours on the clock and have suffered a good deal of wear and tear. We review our machine park on an ongoing basis; to optimise our workflow we try to minimise unplanned downtime so these new machines are a welcome addition, explains Håkan.

The two new reach stackers will run on HVO100, a fully renewable, sustainable fuel that causes up to 90 percent less greenhouse-gas (CO2) emissions.

– The system in the vehicle cabs is computer controlled, which is new to us, says Håkan.

New crane

A new crane is also in the works.
– In order to cope with future challenges, we will need to increase our lifting capacity. A crane with greater lifting capacity will be a good addition to our business and by December 2020 we are expecting to have our new cable crane in place, Håkan informs us.

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