A new cooperation

Published: 4/8/2019 1:18:23 PM

A new collaboration has been launched between the Port of Södertälje and the docks in Göteborg in an effort to improve the logistics of goods transport in Sweden. On 22 January, a kick-off took place at which a number of stakeholders presented some of the new opportunities that are now opening up.

In order to reach more customers, the Port of Södertälje is entering into a collaboration with the global group APM Terminals in Gothenburg, where they manage the operation of the largest container port in the Nordics.

Today, goods are transported around the globe in many different ways and part of the new collaboration is to create a joint communications platform to allow customers/companies to keep track of where their goods are at any given time.

Another goal is to identify methods for making it easier for imports and exports to negotiate customs.

Improved logistics

This new joint strategy also involves improved cooperation with the Green Cargo rail network, which attended the kick-off to discuss sustainable rail solutions.

– Trains from the Port of Södertälje to and from Gothenburg will also be something that all companies can benefit from, whether they are transporting small or large volumes, says Robert Tingvall, managing director of the Port of Södertälje.

Another participant, East Sweden's Chamber of Commerce, discussed the enormous opportunities facing the region, as well as the forthcoming East Link Project.

Increased volumes

That Södertälje is ideally situated was a point emphasised by Robert Tingvall during his presentation. Having the port, railway and the E20 and E4 motorways will always be an asset for transport routes.

– Goods loaded here today can be on a vessel departing from Gothenburg tomorrow morning. We will be collaborating to use our environmentally friendly means of transport, both maritime and rail, more effectively for the benefit of our customers, says Robert Tingvall, who continues:

– We have many meetings booked with new customers and we will be increasing the volumes of both rail and maritime traffic through the port. It will be exciting to see by how much.


In the picture: Henrik Kristensen, CEO of APM Terminals, Charlotta Elliot, project manager at East Sweden’s Chamber of Commerce, Robert Tingvall, CEO of the Port of Södertälje and Richard Kirchner senior vice president and CCO of Green Cargo informed about the new collaboration aimed at improving goods logistics in Sweden by more closely linking the Nordic’s largest container port in the west with Region Stockholm’s greenest port in the east.

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