A Port Preparing for Growth

Published: 6/4/2018 2:57:46 PM

The port continues to grow in many different ways. An increase in customers means that the port needs to increase its capacity in order to receive them, something that is happening on a number of levels. Much of this work is about creating space but, of course, a really good port also requires a certain depth.

Maintenance dredging of the fuel port to the intended depth is now complete.

- Dredging was completed as late as last autumn, and the Swedish Maritime Administration has confirmed the correct depth at our quays, explains Per Fredman, VP Sales & Marketing at Port of Södertälje.

More Space in the Same Area

That may sound like an impossible equation, but the truth is that it is precisely these types of strategies that the port is continuously working with in order to offer more vessels the opportunity to visit the Port of Södertälje.

- This requires a good deal of planning, given that the land area itself is limited in size, but we want to keep growing as a port, continues Per. One of the solutions has therefore been to quite simply develop a system for storing vehicles, vertically.

Storing vehicles vertically is not new in itself, but to be able to do so with the capacity the port wishes to offer has demanded excellent technical solutions as well as an understanding of how best to optimise the actual area of the port.

- Our vision is that whenever a customer decides to come to the Port of Södertälje, we will ensure that it works for them, says Per. Naturally, we are here for our customers and everything we do is intended to make room for the level of traffic commensurate with the port’s business strategy.

- We are growing and our customers with us, and it feels like an exciting future awaits us,” concludes Per.

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