A smooth encounter in the port

Published: 10/3/2018 3:57:45 PM

There was a special atmosphere when representatives from the Port of Drammen in Norway came to the Port of Södertälje. Over twenty people were shown around and saw how the port operates.

- We're not competitors, rather potential business partners, so it's really great to be able to show them round and share experiences, says Robert Tingvall, MD of the Port of Södertälje.

Surface area isn't everything

One challenge faced by both Drammen and Södertälje is surface area. There is quite simply a shortage of space, although both ports are popular and could, for example, take more cars.

- Surface area is in short supply for both ports, says Johan Baumann, Chairman of the Board for the Port of Drammen. "It feels like this is an area where we can definitely share ideas and see how the issue can be resolved.

The Port of Södertälje is currently looking at the possibilities of somehow expanding upwards, but nothing has been completed yet.

A focus on the environment

Johan has only good things to say about the Port of Södertälje.

- We all got the impression that it's well-organised and structured, says Johan. We also have plenty of things in common in the way we view the environment, for example, he continues.

The Port of Södertälje is already a 100% fossil-free port, and Drammen is striving to achieve the same goal.

Claes Hellgren, Chairman of the Port of Södertälje, confirms that environmental work brings benefits in many ways.

- The environment and economy are interlinked, which means that environmental work really does benefit everyone, he says. It's also a fact that maritime transport operations are 50 times more efficient that land-based transport.

A wonderful port history continues

Both ports are interested in continuing to meet up and share experiences. It is difficult to say what this will produce in concrete terms at present, but both Johan and Claes are keen to collaborate in some form in the future. We await the future with excitement and look forward to being able to report more in future newsletters.

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