A sustainable port

Published: 4/8/2019 1:09:41 PM

The Port of Södertälje provides an efficient and flexible link between maritime, road and rail transport in the Mälardalen region. The port is in close proximity to the railway, major European motorways and shipping lanes, making it possible to conveniently and simply transfer goods between these three modes of transport.

Today, there is a great deal of emphasis on sustainability and long-term climate goals. Sweden has a stated climate goal of achieving zero net atmospheric greenhouse gas emissions by 2045. The Swedish transport sector has been set a target of reducing emissions for domestic transportation, including shipping, by 70% by 2030 compared to 2010 emissions.

An increased demand for climate-adapted transport makes it even more vital to think in the long term, something that the Port of Södertälje is very much taking on board.

Investing in the future

– Minimising our environmental impact and emissions is a task that we proudly take on and can manage effectively by investing in solutions that are not only motivated by the desire and pressure to be a greener workplace, but the desire to develop solutions that benefit both the business and the environment. This is how we are choosing to invest. We are investing in the future,says Tomas Zackrisson, environment and quality manager at the Port of Södertälje.

Illuminates change

For the Port of Södertälje actively identifying sustainable solutions is a given. 

– For us, a plan for reducing emissions and using resources as efficiently as possible offers measurable profits both economically and environmentally. We feel that we have come a long way but at the same time, continued investment in sustainability will always remain on our agenda, says Tomas Zackrisson.

The Port of Södertälje was the first Swedish port to switch to renewable fuel and was an early adopter of LED lighting in the port sector. Current investment includes a major photovoltaic installation that will cover the port’s own consumption of electricity.

A green harbor

Profiting from sustainability that truly works in practice demands courage and an eye for an opportunity.

– We don’t just want to be competitive because we are Stockholm’s nearest port, but also because we are the greenest and most efficient, concludes Tomas Zackrisson.


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