Active environmental plan gives results

The climate conference in Paris has now ended. A number of decisions were made at the recent Paris climate conference to save the only planet we have available to us. Since many years an active environmental plan has been taking place in Sweden and we are proud to be a part of it.

Here at Port of Södertälje we have made a number of improvements to 'do our bit'. The main improvement was our decision to change over to biodiesel as the fuel for the port's fleet of vehicles and machinery. This action will contribute to a reduction of the global carbon emissions by 320 tons based on 2014 volumes. HVO, as it is known, stands for Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil and is a renewable fuel component and can be mixed with diesel or can replace diesel fuel altogether in diesel motors. The hydro treated vegetable oil is chemically almost identical to fossil diesel.

The electricity consumption of the port's outdoor lighting and lighting of the warehouses are a second measure that we have chosen to focus on during the year. By changing to LED bulbs from traditional bulbs we have made a saving of over 250 000 kWh in just one year. As a bonus we have now a far more even and improved illumination since the change to LED.

A third measure of the active environmental programme is the installation of a charging station, outside the main building, for our fleet of electric vehicles which will soon be in operation. This service will be free of charge to use for both our employees and visitors, a gesture that we hope will be appreciated.

During the year we have published several articles about our environmental work and on how shipping has contributed to major environmental gains.

  • Working towards a better invironment.
  • Reports confirm the profitability of shipping.
  • Working towards safer transports.
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