Aditro Logistics expands at Stockholm Syd

Stockholm Syd, the logistical hub with over 1 000 hectares of land is now opening for company growth in the region. The logistical centers ideal geographical location and communications offers great possibilities. One of the first companies to establish themselves is Aditro Logistics.

On the 1st of March Aditro Logistics moved into their new premises at Stockholm Syd. As one of Scandinavia’s largest independent logistics companies they offer a wide range of services including storage handling, logistics and supply- chain management such as transportation procurement staffing and consultancy. Besides the storage facility at Stockholm Syd Aditro Logistics have outlets in Borås, Jönköping and Kopstad in Norway.

For Aditro Logistics there was no doubt about the move to Stockholm Syd; its geographical location made the logistics center a simple choice. Only the planning of the area in order to keep up with the corporate establishment rate of expansion is left before the company is up and running.

- We have been made very welcome here, says Matthias Kettelhoit, managing director of Aditro Logistics. Nykvarns Municipality have been very easy to work with and all we look forward to now is the planning of additional land to be completed.

Initially a total of 50 jobs have been created through Aditro Logistics move to Stockholm Syd. Customers are positive and the interest in the area is strong. The warehouse area covers an area of 40 000 square meters and is, to all intents and purposes, already filled.

The company is to now commence with the construction of Stage 2 of their plans. By the end of the year this phase will be completed in time to welcome the giant appliance company BSH Home Appliances that is moving its central storage premises in Eskilstuna to Stockholm Syd.

- We extend a warm welcome to Aditro Logistics to the area, says Erik Froste, outgoing managing director at Port of Södertälje. It will be interesting to see how the development of the logistics center takes off. When Aditro Logistics are ready and want to start using the Port of Södertälje services they are more than welcome to us.

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