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Published: 4/8/2019 1:13:59 PM

According to Södertälje’s mayor Boel Godner (S), geographical location is one of the Port of Södertälje’s many strengths.

– No port could be better located. This is where the Baltic meets Lake Mälaren and with such close proximity to Stockholm it can only be described as perfect, she says.

Half of Sweden’s population lives within a radius of 300 km of the Port of Södertälje. The port’s unique geographical location promotes rapid, efficient and environmentally friendly transport – vital considerations in an age when climate change is one of our most pressing environmental concerns.

Smooth transport 

– We must reduce the negative impact of transport on the climate and environment. It is important to ensure that transport is sustainable; transporting goods by ship rather than the large convoys of heavy goods vehicles that currently pass through our country is a far better alternative for the environment – and the climate, says Boel Godner, who continues:

– We are a responsible municipality with its own port that ensures that transport proceeds as smoothly a possible; which is important for Södertälje, important for Region Stockholm and important for Sweden. More goods should be transported by sea. 

Significant role

The Port of Södertälje plays a significant role in Sweden’s exports and imports. One in three cars imported into the country arrives via the Port of Södertälje and the port serves at least two car vessels each week. In future, the Port of Södertälje will have an even more important role to play in meeting fuel demands in Region Stockholm.

– I see a potential for growth in our fuel terminal given that the existing fuel terminals in Stockholm, Loudden and Bergs, are about to close to make room for housing construction, says Boel Godner.

Over recent years we have seen year-on-year increases in fuel volumes and there is no indication of a reduction.

Bright future

A new port is currently under construction at Norvikudden in the Port of Nynäshamn for Ro-Ro traffic and containers; however Boel Godner doesn’t see this as direct competition for the Port of Södertälje.

– We have our own strengths. There is room for both the Port of Södertälje and for Norvik, she says and adds that the future is looking bright for the Port of Södertälje.

– There is potential here. The operations carried out here are excellent, there is space for expansion on surrounding land and investment is being made in the future, she concludes.

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