Customer confidence in the Port of Södertälje is high

Published: 4/7/2020 11:14:39 AM

At the end of 2019, the Port of Södertälje conducted its annual customer survey, the results of which showed that customer confidence in the Port of Södertälje is high.

– The survey shows that we are meeting our customers’ needs, even if there are areas in which we have room for improvement, says Per Fredman, vice president sales and marketing at the Port of Södertälje.

Positive feedback

The strategic location of the Port of Södertälje, its environmental focus and customer service all received high marks. 

– Our emphasis on sustainability is positively perceived and customers underline the importance of the work we perform in this area, says Per.

Some customers are seeking greater efficiency at container cranes and this is something that the Port of Södertälje is already addressing with the procurement of a new crane. The desire for expanded marshalling areas for vehicle imports was also expressed and here we have extensive plans for a new parking garage.

Additional comments

– A few customers would like us to review our opening hours, which are based on the volumes passing through the port. Given the right incentives we would be in a position to take a look at opening hours, explains Per, who continues:

– We would like to thank everyone who took the time to respond to our customer satisfaction survey. It is always valuable to know what our customers think about our operations. The large number of free text answers was particularly gratifying.

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