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Housing modules accommodated at Port of Södertälje

Published: 10/19/2017 10:43:55 AM

There is an enormous volume of construction in the Mälardalen region and, in this context, the significant role of Port of Södertälje is continuing to increase. BoKlok, which will freight a total of 104 housing modules to Mariefred, has chosen to deliver the housing modules via Port of Södertälje.

- We have an incredibly good geographical location, says Per Fredman, Marketing and Sales Manager at Port of Södertälje. This means that we are a natural gateway port for different types of building materials in the Stockholm Region.

Port of Södertälje stands for experience and high quality
The location is naturally an important factor in terms of why people choose Port of Södertälje. But more importantly, the port provides a service that maintains high quality. The dock workers are used to handling these types of cargo. In addition, Port of Södertälje has purchased special equipment that makes it both easier to unload and load while minimising the risk of breakage.

- We have both routines and experience, says Per. And this good reputation has started to spread. We get more and more enquiries to receive modules and other types of building materials, which is really great. In itself, it is proof that our previous clients are satisfied. Recommendations are the best reviews we can get.

Nothing stands still in the port
One objective is also to get deliveries out of the port quickly and it is important that nothing stands still.

- Behind all our deliveries, someone is ultimately waiting for a service or a product. That’s why it is extremely important for us that nothing stands still with us. We set great importance on unloading quickly and safely and also dispatching the cargo quickly and safely. This applies to all deliveries, and specifically with these housing modules, Port of Södertälje has an extra personal insight. Two of our dock workers are actually going to move into BoKlok houses in Mariefred, so we know precisely how important it is to get the modules on their way quickly, Per continues.

Planning for 2018 in the port is well underway, and Per welcomes more deliveries of this type.

- We are happy to receive more housing modules and are proud that we can offer space quite quickly, says Per. Get in touch today, we can probably take your delivery within a week, he concludes.

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