Increasing the quality of storage and handling of cars

Port of Södertälje has handled imports of cars since the 50s. At first there was a lift on / lift off service that has since given way to today’s highly-specialized vessels that transport only cars as cargo.

In bygone days Volkswagen’s famous bubble cars were lifted, one by one, from the hold of dry-cargo vessels. Today it’s fully-loaded ships that dock at Port of Södertälje with not only Volkswagen cars but vehicles from Skoda, Audi, Ford and Mercedes. The cars are driven off, scanned and parked at specialized areas of the port. The empty vessel then returns to the continent only to return with yet another full cargo of new cars to the Swedish market. Both the quality and efficiency of the whole process is leaps and bounds better than the 50s and the risk of damage to cars and delivery delays have greatly diminished.

From grit to asphalt

The special handling and the high quality standards of shipping and unloading of new cars also applies to the ground surfaces at Port of Södertälje. Not so long ago the car parking area had a grit covering and protected by simple fencing. Today each individual make of car’s ‘quality guideline handbook’ is strictly adhered to. To meet these high demands Port of Södertälje has invested five million SEK in an area of 20 000 kvm. Earthworks, drainage of storm drains, paving, alignment and safety equipment are some examples of recent investments to adapt the surfaces so they are used as optimally as possible.

- We have upgraded the shell protection with an exterior fencing fitted with alarms and a fast-speed weighing platform installed at Skandiatransport’s main entrance to increase security for in/out traffic. The old carwash hall has now been demolished to free up more space. We have also resurfaced the asphalt, added new storm sewers and related wells on the surface that then were asphalted. The area is now of top class quality, says Port of Södertälje’s traffic manager Tommy Engström.

Skandiatransport owns and operates Pre Delivery Inspection at Port of Södertälje and sees investment as being a necessity for the future.

- Port of Södertälje has during the past years transformed from being a so-so car port to becoming one of the best and responsive from our point of view, says Ulf Broqvist, production manager at Skandiatransport. We are extremely pleased with results so far and look forward to a continued good cooperation.

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