An eye for boats

Published: 4/7/2020 11:26:27 AM

Anna Lindgren is joining the Port of Södertälje as financial administrator. She is not however entirely new, as her previous job was as a stevedore at the port, meaning that she is already very familiar with the business conducted at Björkuddsvägen 6 in Södertälje.

An understanding of logistics flows and all of the processes that make up the Port of Södertälje’s operations is something that Anna has truly learnt the practical way.

Correct and accurate

– I benefit enormously from everything I learned during my three and a half years on the docks, she says. In parallel with working as a stevedore Anna ran her own busienss and working with finances and figures is something she really enjoys; so, when a vacancy cam up she was quick to apply.

– There’s something about figures – I like it when they all add up.

Anna handles all of the invoicing on behalf of the Port of Södertälje, including rents, vessel calls and all container handling. 

– One of the challenges when I started here in November was learning all of the new systems, including the business management system that we use, but I enjoy learning new things, says Anna.

Every day is different

Anna’s working day begins with reconciling all customer accounts before she begins on the mountain of emails. 

– I like to work with to-do lists. I prioritise everything that needs to done during the day, beginning with the most important tasks and then working my way through the list during the day, explains Anna. She is structured and enjoys her work, of that there can be no doubt.

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