Large demand for Neste RMB

Since the start of the year, Neste has distributed low-sulphur shipping fuel to customers in the Stockholm region. After a period of almost six months, the demand has grown steadily.

We have previously reported on the low-sulphur fuel, which is new to Sweden, Neste RMB that can easily replace less environmentally friendly fuel and thus reduce the sulphur emissions from ships. For the last almost six months, the fuel has been distributed from the terminal in the Port of Södertälje with tankers.

- Sales have been entirely according to plan and we have seen a steady increase in demand for our services, says Jacob Granqvist, Neste Marine Fuels and Services.

One of the main benefits of Södertälje is the ex-pipe possibility, which provides a fantastic service for customers. Ex-pipe means that the fuel is delivered at the quay directly through pipes from our terminal. Moreover, the quality of the new fuel is a contributing factor for the increased demand.

- Even if things are going particularly well for us at the moment, we are always looking at doing things better. Therefore, we are constantly working on improvements at various levels. We are currently working to increase our range of services in Sweden with a renewable bio bunker product, continues Jacob Granqvist.

Neste is choosing to take it step by step and is mainly concentrating on establishing itself on the east coast, with the terminal in Södertälje as the starting point. The terminal in Södertälje is estimated to represent roughly 10 % of Neste’s total bunker sales. But at the same time as the market area in Sweden is widening, Neste is mapping new, future markets in northern Europe.

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