Södertälje Hamn

ODEC continue their investments at the Fuel Terminal

ODEC’s third cistern is now under construction at Port of Södertälje’s Fuel Terminal and plans are already in place for fourth cistern as the need for storage space for bio-products increases.

We have previously reported of ODEC’s grandiose investment plans for the future here at port. Construction of a third cistern are well underway and plans for a fourth are on the table. This can be attributed to the positive developments taking place in the biofuels industry. The cisterns are expected to be in operation by August 2017.

Here at port we have noticed an increased demand for storage of liquid bulk and the current expansion of the Fuel Terminal is a direct answer to being able to meet this demand.

– Our partnership with Port of Södertälje has worked very well and we appreciate the heavy investments the port has made in development, especially on the storage front, says Martin Oscarsson, managing director at ODEC Tankstorage.

ODEC decided to increase its storage capacity in Södertälje mostly because they are focused on bio-products. It has proven to be an upward trend that consumers now prefer to invest in renewable energy. And, as a result, this increases the need for storage of these products.

– The closure of the large Stockholm fuel depots of course affects us but Port of Södertälje’s unique location is a major contributing factor to expand our storage capacity here, concludes Martin.

ODEC Tank Storage is a private independent storage company with a storage capacity of about 60 000 cubic meters at three terminals, in Gothenburg, Helsingborg and Södertälje. Annual sales total approximately 100 000 cubic meters of fuel.

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