Patrik takes the path via logistics and leadership towards a greener port

Published: 10/3/2018 3:48:18 PM

Patrik Rotkvist, aged 46, is the business’s new Operations Manager at the Port of Södertälje. His vision is to create an organisation that is ready for the challenges of the future, his mission is to make the Port of Södertälje the most competitive port in the Mälardalen region and in his free time he dreams about both water-powered and land-based vehicles. He is also unbeatable when it comes to cleaning and packing cars ultra-efficiently.

Patrik, what did you do before you came to the Port of Södertälje?

- My common thread has been logistics, planning, purchasing and leadership, which is something I'm really passionate about. I've worked in a number of industries down the years and have always been curious to learn new things and take on challenges, which has meant that I've always followed my own path, says Patrik. Most recently I was at Crane Currency, where I worked as Supply Chain Manager, with responsibility for production planning, materials management and distribution.

It also becomes clear fairly quickly that there is one passion that has been with him since he was very young. His major interest in vehicles.

- I grew up with a grandfather who was a farmer and my dad had his own business with trucks. I drove tractors, harvesters, cars and boats before I could read and write. As a 20-year-old I took my driving licence/certificate for HGVs, heavy trailers, buses, forklift trucks, wheel loaders, excavators and hazardous goods, explains Patrik. I try to keep all my driving licences 'alive', even though it's getting harder to find the time as years go by, he adds.

Now the time has come to deal with maritime vehicles and work in a port. How does that feel?

- It feels really great! I picked up a very good impression of management and staff right away. It's an interesting and exciting industry, with challenges and difficulties that you can't imagine as a layman in everyday life. It's also an amazing environment to work in, as I enjoy being close to the water, vehicles of all kinds and the opportunity to be close to the core business, says Patrik.

What is your vision for the port?

- I want to create an organisation that is adapted to meet new challenges in the form of increased volumes and new business areas. The focus must be on safety, quality, delivery, profitability and of course creating a pleasant work environment for our employees.

What is a typical day at work like?

- In the morning we review the day's production, organise staffing and look at yesterday's results. It's all about working proactively on improvements and investments that are needed to remain competitive.

What do you feel will be the biggest changes at the port within the next couple of years?

- The focus on the environment in the world at large will of course also affect our industry, with both mechanical equipment that must be equipped to meet the needs and requirements of the future, combined with increased inbound and outbound volumes in maritime traffic.

Facts about Patrik

  • Age: 46
  • Family: Living apart together. Two children (son aged 14 and daughter aged 11), two "bonus children" through my girlfriend, two girls aged 18 and 21 respectively.
  • Interests: General interest in sport, but mainly motor sport, as I come from a motor sports mecca (Närke, Kumla/Örebro) that has produced many world stars down the years.
  • Live: A house in Salem/Rönninge.
  • Spare time: I spend time with the children, play golf, go to car rallies, travel in our boat, visit the family's holiday home.
  • Hidden talent: Unbeatable at cleaning, my middle name is pedant. I also have an amazing talent for packing the car and suitcases in the most efficient way possible, that comes from helping my dad, working at an early age and loading trucks in the most efficient way possible.
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