Port of Södertälje secures the region’s fuel supplies

On the 8th of February came the result of three years of intensive work in the application for an enhanced authorization at the Fuel Terminal. The Environmental Court in Stockholm approved Port of Södertälje’s application to handle 2.2 million tons of fuel, an increase of today’s 1.2 million tons.

The increased authorization now secures fuel supplies to the Stockholm region following the closure of Loudden and Berg’s oil depots in 2018/19. Preparations leading up to the ruling have been long and intense. The Port has held numerous consultations, carried out risk analyses, taken hydrographic measurements and vessel simulations in order to present an all-encompassing picture to both the Environmental Court and other parties.

- Despite the ruling being a big success we still decided, on the 29th of February, to send in an appeal to the Environmental Court, says Erik Froste, managing director of Port of Södertälje. This with regard to adding the use of another dumping area and handling of slightly contaminated sludge containing TBT.

It is hoped that the case and all the matters of detail will be resolved before this summer. The reconstruction of the Fuel Terminal will start in 2017, at the earliest. Before this work can commence Igelsta Bay will be dredged in order to accommodate the larger vessels that will dock at the terminal. Nearly 12 000 tons of contaminated bottom sediment must be dredged and brought to land for sanitization which will be greatly beneficial to the environment of the area.

In order for the necessary investment decisions to be carried by the Board of Port of Södertälje, customer contracts are required. Depot owners must also invest in new cisterns.

- The enhanced authorization is very positive news for Port of Södertälje, Erik Froste points out. The port is ideally situated and a hub for Stockholm and Greater Stockholm region. The proximity to customers contributes to important environmental benefits as transports by road are thereby reduced.

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