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Potential new business

Published: 12/11/2019 4:07:32 PM

With its fantastic location in one of the Nordics’ most expansive regions, on two international e-roads and three main railway lines, the Port of Södertälje plays a significant role in Sweden’s export and import industries.

This strategic location provides an excellent base for new business and, in December, the Port of Södertälje welcomed a delegation from Latvia and Belarus for discussions on how we can identify new future collaborations.

Important partners

Latvia considers Sweden and Scandinavia in general as vital partners in providing transport services to customers in the region.

– The delegation included representatives of the Latvian Embassy and Latvian and Belarusian railway companies, as well as ports, all interested in what services we can provide, explains Robert Tingvall, managing director of the Port of Södertälje.

The best route

The twenty-strong delegation began its visit to the port with a tour of the docks; among other things, viewing the new photovoltaic installation and, fittingly, observing as a freight train with a full load of containers rolled out from the port.

– Now, as trade between China and Europe – and especially Scandinavia – is increasing, enormous interest is being created in finding the most efficient shipping routes, something that the Latvians and Belarusians are now investigating, says Robert Tingvall.

Sustainability in focus

One reflection that emerged from a member of the foreign delegation during the visit was the great focus on sustainability that they had observed here in Sweden, something that is a matter of course for the Port of Södertälje.

– We must reduce the negative impact of transport on the climate and environment. Ensuring the sustainability of shipping is important and we have been conducting sustainability work for many years, says Robert Tingvall.


In the photograph:
From left to right: Robert Tingvall, managing director of the Port of Södertälje, Marģers Krams, Latvia’s ambassador to Sweden and Martin Ahlman,chair of the board of the Port of Södertälje.

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