Robert Tingvall taking over the rudder at the Port of Södertälje

The recruitment of a new MD for the Port of Södertälje is now complete. Robert Tingvall takes up his new post on the 1st of October. Currently the chief financial officer at Telge, he has been on the Port of Södertälje’s board for a little over five years. This has given him a good understanding of the company’s operations and challenges.

This spring, Erik Froste, the port’s MD, decided to resign and move on to new challenges outside the group. A new MD has now been appointed. The successor is Robert Tingvall, Telge’s chief financial officer.

“I appreciate the confidence shown in me and am really looking forward to this assignment,” states Robert Tingvall. “It’s an exciting company that has been through both ups and downs. I’ve followed its operations at close hand for several years and intend to drive development along the current path.”

Claes Hellgren, chairman of the board, is very pleased with the appointment. Robert is extremely familiar with the port’s challenges.

“We are very pleased to have been able to recruit Robert as our new MD,” comments Claes Hellgren, chairman of the board. “We have acquired a business strategist who is extremely familiar with the port’s challenges. We were looking for a person with international experience who has also worked with business development and strategic projects.”

The Port of Södertälje’s business plan has been set and continues in force. Thanks to the uniqueness of the port’s geographical position, the company is to continue to offer a flexible link for goods travelling by water, road and rail. Up until the 1st of October, Tommy Engström remains the interim MD of the Port of Södertälje.

Robert in brief

Robert is 44 and was born and raised in Kalix. He lives with his wife and two children in Solna. His most recent position is chief financial officer of the Telge group of companies. He has also worked for, amongst others, Eltel Networks, the Swedish Trade Council and Fortum.

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