Scandinavian giant created within car logistics

Autolink, Skandiatransport, Scandinavian Motortransport and Dansk Motortransport strive to strengthen their position in a hard pressed market climate.

The company is currently active within car logistics throughout Sweden, Denmark and Norway. They transport imported cars, by truck or train, to respective dealerships. But the competition is tough and the profit margins often small. However, with the new fusion it is hoped that the trend will be turned into profitable margins. The company has yet to announce what it is to be called. The merger also enables the requirements for environmentally friendly vehicles, logistics, IT systems and processes to be improved.

Operations will continue as usual and the high caliber of comptence within the company will continue to be taken advantage of and used to streamline operations. Together they have already identified improvements that can be implemented that will have a positive effect to the environment, delivery precision and economics.

- It's going to be very exciting that, together with our talented employees, to be involved in the changing field of car logistics in Scandinavia, says Mats Eriksson, CEO of Skandiatransport and Motortransport.

- Operations will continue as usual, says Erik Froste, managing director at Port of Södertälje. We welcome the merger of four great companies that now become one and we wish them a warm welcome to the port.

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