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Summary of 2019

Published: 12/11/2019 3:43:26 PM

The end of another year is soon upon us. Before the time comes to cross the threshold into 2020, let us summarise 2019. Among other things, for the Port of Södertälje the year has seen fluctuating business, new collaborations and a new visual identity.

– This year, we have renewed our logotype and visual presentation, says Per Fredman, vice president of sales and marketing at the Port of Södertälje.

The new logotype ties the business together in a number of ways and has been used previously, although in a different version.

– The new logotype is based on an earlier version that we used 10 years ago, explains Per Fredman.

Increased volumes

Container volumes have increased for the second consecutive year, both in short sea and feeder.

– This is a persistent trend; during 2019, container volumes across the quay have increased by 17 percent year over year. We are confident that volumes will continue to increase and are investing accordingly, says Robert Tingvall, managing director of the Port of Södertälje.

New regulations have an impact

When it comes to vehicle imports, the total for the year is slightly down, a trend that reflects total vehicle imports to Sweden during 2019.

– The end of the year saw a notable upturn. The explanation for this large increase in imports is probably the government’s decision to incorporate the new WLTP test method into the bonus malus system at the end of this year. We are, however, are very satisfied with the year’s volumes, says Robert Tingvall.

First out

September saw the first ship-to-ship LNG bunkering operation performed at the Port of Södertälje. This was not only the first LNG bunkering in the Port of Södertälje but also the first simultaneous operations (SIMOPS) LNG bunkering on the Baltic Sea, performed in conjunction with the unloading of fuel, a procedure that demands additional safety measures.

– LNG is important to shipping and we are delighted to play a part in this operation. We have performed two SIMOPS during the year, says Robert Tingvall.

Sustainability in focus

During the autumn, the Port of Södertälje installed its first photovoltaic system on the roof of one of the warehouses within the docks. The installation will produce enough solar energy to meet approximately 25 percent of the port’s current electricity consumption.

– Our own solar cell installation will produce up to 300,000 kWh per year, which is equivalent to the energy requirements of 15 newbuild homes, explains Robert Tingvall.

Sustainability investments will always be on the agenda for the Port of Södertälje.

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