Sammanfattning 2016/2017

Summary of events during 2016 and a prognosis for 2017

Over 120 000 vehicles handled, a 40 percent increase in imported building materials and an enhanced environmental permit to handle up to 2.2 million tons of fuel. Here’s a summary of 2016 at Port of Södertälje.

The car industry is doing very well at the moment. For the fourth year in a row Port of Södertälje increased the number of cars imported via the port during 2016. The port also restructured their handling and distribution of vehicles that have proven to be greatly appreciated by customers. The industry organization BilSweden believe in a strong 2017.

- Last year's volumes were so good that we didn’t really dare to believe in a continued increase, says Robert Tingvall, managing director at Port of Södertälje. But, if we achieve the same volumes as last year it would be fantastic.

Big investments at the Fuel Terminal
On February 8, 2016, the enhanced environmental permit to handle up to 2.2 million tons of fuel was finally approved. It gives Port of Södertälje great opportunities for future business when the Stockholm fuel depots, Nacka and Loudden, shut down in 2018. Fuel volumes increased in 2016 by more than 20 percent.

Increased imports of construction materials
The container business area has not recovered as anticipated after by the slump in 2012 and the future forecasts are fairly neutral and are expected to remain at current volumes. However, something that is expected to increase even more is solid bulk volumes. Stockholm is a region that is growing and the port in recent years has handled building materials in the form of precast concrete, housing modules and other infrastructure materials to the fast-growing Stockholm. In 2016, imports of building materials, such as concrete and housing modules, increased by 40 percent.

- Construction materials arrives by ship and rail to be loaded on to trucks before it is finally delivered by road to the construction site, says Robert. We believe that these volumes can be handled at Port of Södertälje in the years to come. We see a very positive future.

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