The evacuation alarm is tested every month

The port’s evacuation alarm is tested on the first Wednesday of every month. As a visitor it is very important to know what to do when the alarm is sounded.

The monthly alarm exercise sounds for somewhat shorter sequences than in a real emergency situation.
The siren sounds for 30 seconds with a pause and then sounds again for a further 30 seconds. During other times, and in a real-life emergency situation, the siren sounds for a full 5 minutes with no interval. Then it is important that everyone knows what to do.

- The siren has been recently replaced for a newer model, says Tommy Engström, traffic manager at Port of Södertälje. An information leaflet has also been distributed to all concerned regarding procedures to be followed in an emergency.

What to do when the alarm sounds
When you hear the alarm signal in a real emergency situations you must make your way to the assembly point as quickly as possible. The assembly point is marked on the map in the leaflet that also available to visitors to the port. The evacuation procedure applies to all of the port’s areas. People who work in the vicinity of the fuel port area should also inform themselves about the evacuation procedures that apply when the alarm is sounded.

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