The port's customers increasingly satisfied

At the end of 2016 the annual Customer Satisfaction Survey, CSS, was conducted to measure how satisfied customers are at Port of Södertälje. The results have now been analyzed to be used in future planning.

The overall CSS Index, which shows satisfaction in general, increased slightly in 2016 compared with previous years. We are also pleased that the port is perceived to have evolved over the past year, although the survey responses also indicate that the port is not perceived to have made very many new investments.

- It is true that we have not invested as much as in previous years, says Per Fredman, marketing and sales manager at Port of Södertälje. We have deliberately chosen, as far as possible, to maintain our existing fleet as we focused more on business with project cargo, such as building materials to the Greater Stockholm.

The survey also shows that the port is perceived to be easy to implement changes and that any errors made are quickly remedied.

- This makes good reading, says Per. We are constantly working on customer focus and the answers to the survey are invaluable. It gives us an indication that we are on the right path and what we need to concentrate more on.

The questions in the survey have been mainly aimed at Port of Södertälje’s customer management in the port's business areas. The response rate has been about 40 percent, an average good response rate compared to similar surveys. Port of Södertälje goes carefully through all the answers to identify potential improvements. But even if you are not given the opportunity to respond to this year's survey are all suggestions for improvements welcome.

- We welcome proposals that could lead to improvements for us and our customers, says Per. If you have not been able to respond to our survey, please feel free to contact me directly.

The most important question, as usual, came at the end of the survey. Can you as a customer recommend the Port of Södertälje to other professionals?

- All those who answered the question ticked the ‘Yes’ box. For that vote of confidence I really would like to thank you all, concludes Per.

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