Tougher action against burglaries and thefts

Car thefts at Port of Södertälje during the last years have decreased, even more so since the port made a large investment to increase the security shell that surrounds the immediate port area. However, the number of cars that have broken into in the car pound have not decreased and now security will be beefed up around the Main Gate.

Port of Södertälje has invested heavily in measures to decrease the number of car thefts within the port area with new fencing, razor wire, security gating and thorough routine checks to ensure a high level of security at port. However, to prevent theft from cars other solutions are needed. Port of Södertälje, together with Skandiatransport, conducted a feasibility study and now preparing the implementation of an upgraded security protection including a thermal image camera. This new protection will have a common monitoring station and will improve monitoring, coordination and protection of vehicles in port areas.

- Our prognosis is that Port of Södertälje will continue to grow as a car import terminal and that thefts will not disappear unless we act now, says Ulf Broqvist of Skandiatransport.

An information meeting regarding the new security measures at Port of Södertälje was held on the 27th of August. All the port’s customers were represented to hear about the measures to be taken in the prevention of theft from cars.

- Our customers have asked for an upgraded protection and improved coordination and as a result we have had very positive feedback regarding the plans we shall now implement, says Tommy Engström, responsible for security issues at Port of Södertälje. We now have to sit down and come to an agreement to include areas that are not our lawful responsibility can be included in the new security measures. This will include sharing the purchase costs of the thermal imaging camera, coordination of the emergency call centre, routines and other demands.

It is hoped that the first measures at Port of Södertälje will be implemented during the winter months.

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