Scaniabil lastas Motortransport

When the need for transportation increases, the railway is there to help

Published: 10/19/2016 8:24:02 AM

In September, Scania launched its new truck. In connection with the production of trucks will increase, the need to physically transport trucks from Södertälje will increase significantly. The logistics behind these transports are undertaken by Port of Södertälje, together with Motortransport.

Scania has production facilities all around the globe. The trucks that are normally manufactured in Södertälje are therefore usually not shipped long distances, so road transports are the most ideal and flexible way of transporting trucks. But, when the new trucks go into production this increases the need in freight capacity and this is where logistics must always be under review. Together, the Port of Södertälje and Motor Transport have worked intensively to match Scania's needs. The opportunity to supplement transports now arises.

- The purpose of transporting trucks by rail is to secure load capacity, says Rikard Fritjofson, sales manager at Motortransport. The volumes are simply too large to transport only by road. In addition, we reduce emissions of carbon dioxide when we complement transports by rail.

Motortransport is one of several companies in a group that works with the so-called Automotive Segment that offers customized solutions for larger volumes of shipments. Port of Södertälje has both the space and the logistics required for the assignment and the skills to unload and load cars safely. Together, they tailor-make flexible solutions for the customer with large transport volumes.

- Our flexibility and commitment to environmentally friendly alternatives suit Scania well. We have now completed a few test loads and the plan is to start deliveries for real in November, says Rikard. In addition to normal transports, about 500 trucks will be transported by rail every month.

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