X-press Feeders acquires carrier operations

When the opportunity arose to expand their operations to Sweden's east coast X-Press Feeders were quick to take it. The buy-out of TransAtlantic Container has now contributed to intensified competition on Sweden's east coast.

X-press Feeders is the largest independant common carrier shipping companies in the world. With a fleet of over 100 ships the company is operational in Asia, the Middle East, the Caribbean, Central America, the Mediterranean and North America. On the 2nd of December the company took over TransAtlantic's common carrier operations that operate on Sweden's east coast and Finland and known as TransFeeder South, TransFeeder North and TransBothnia Container Line. Operations continue as normal after the buy-out with existing staff and offices going under the name TransAtlantic Container AB.

- The only change Port of Södertälje will see is an arrival time changed from a Monday to a Tuesday, says Tommy Flink, production manager at the port. This suits us just fine as we usually have all the port's quays occupied on Mondays.

Exactly which routes the ships will traffic in the future is still being decided by the company but arrivals from Port of Oxelösund will cease at the end of December. We will wait to be notified regarding eventual changes to the schedule.

- Port of Södertälje has a long tradition of working together with TransAtlantic and their customers. We now welcome TransAtlantic Container and their new X-Press Feeders and look forward to an increased and strengthened association in the future, says Per Fredman, marketing manager at Port of Södertälje.

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