We have a great capacity to handle containers and annually over 40 000 TEU are handled in the port from vessels and rail transporters, for shipment to destinations throughout the country.

The port has two mobile cranes with a capacity to lift 100 and 45 tons respectively whereas our trucks, reach stackers and forklifts, have capacity to lift 3 up to 45 mt. Daily container trains link us to other terminals in Sweden.

Heated storage

During winter our heated storage warehouse, using environmentally friendly district heating, is always heated to a few degrees above zero. 

Strip & stuff

Strip, or unloading of materials, means that we transport the arriving container to the strip-area, release it, and after a brief intermediate load up the loose goods to the car.

Stuff, or loading material in the containers, means that we accept bulk cargoes arriving by car or train, fetches designed container from the depot, loading container, buzzing contents and restore the container to export the stack for export.

Repairs and PTI

Repairs of damaged containers and Pre Trip Inspection are undertaken by R AquaCenter AB.
Cell: +46 70 750 7144 - Björn Andreasson

Customs information

Port of Södertälje holds AEO certification, which means the port is certified for Customs management according to EU standards. By storing goods in our customs’ warehouses undeclared goods can be stored without a time limit. During the storage period neither duty or tax is levied and goods can be stored even if not all import restrictions have been met. For example, no import license is required for goods, just a long as they are stored in the Customs’ warehouse. The Customs’ Warehouse is open Monday to Friday from 07:00 to 16:00.

Contact us for further information or read more at Swedish Customs homepage.

DPE status and Border Control Station

Port of Södertälje has DPE status which means the port can accept non-animal cargo. Contact us for further information regarding routines and regulations.

Container rent and rates

Rent loaded units/flats 2022 - outdoors

Units in import Charge daily 5- 6 Charge from day 7
Container / flat, size < 40 ft 100  SEK/day 200 SEK/day
Container / flat, 40 ft and exceeding 200 SEK/day 400 SEK/day

For import units arrival day plus 3 days are rent-free.


Units in export Charge from day 8
Container / flat, size < 40 ft 200 SEK/day
Container / flat, 40 ft and exceeding 400 SEK/day

For export units arrival day plus 6 days are rent-free. 

Container electrical connection fees

Connection and disconnection, 452 SEK/unit.
Electricity costs per calendar day, from Day 1 inclusive of daily control, 270 SEK/unit and day.

Transportation within port area

To-and-from PTI area, refrigerated containers, 390 SEK/unit.
To-and-from repair area, 390 SEK/unit.

Transport and handling of goods liable to inspection

Inspection-liable containers according to Swedish National Food Agency directive 352 SEK/unit.
Transport to DPE area, 390 SEK/unit.
Stevedores’ work time at the DPE station, inclusive of a 3 tons forklift, 840 SEK/unit.

Charges in addition to the tariff

Indoor storage of containers (above freezing temperature). Storage space is limted and  distributed between all clients, after availability.
Daily rates from Day 1, inclusive of in/out warehouse transport, 417 SEK/TEU and day.
Container weighing, VGM/SOLAS regulation – pre advised SEK 460 per weighing.
Container weighing, VGM/SOLAS regulation – not pre advised SEK 850 per weighing.

Administrative services

Shipping documents, 355 SEK/document.
Customs’ documentation, T1 (NCTS) registration, 199 SEK/document.
Invoice charge, 199 SEK/invoice.


Should container owners request the Port of Södertälje to invoice the cost for field rent directly to their customer, it is the responsibility of the container owner to guarantee that their customer is financially solvent. Container owner are liable for any eventual credit risk.

Invoice address of the customer should, without needing to be reminded, be sent to the Port of Södertälje via EDI or at the port's web portal.


Contact Per Fredman

VP Sales & Marketing
Phone: +46 8 550 237 66