Checklista Uthamnen

Port ID number: 21132 
UN Locator code: SESOE (Sweden)
Port facility name: Södertälje Hamn, Sydhamnen
Port facility number: 0331
Latitude: N 59° 12´
Longitude: E 17° 38´

Type of Port facility: Conventional Pier


Södertälje Hamn AB
Box 2016
SE-151 02 Södertälje, Sweden


Phone: +46 8 550 237 50
Fax: +46 8 550 319 49
VHF: Ch 16 and 14

PF Security Officer

Name: Patrik Rotkvist
Function: Port Security Officer
Phone: +46 8 550 237 51
Mobile phone: +46 70 946 38 05
Fax: +46 8 550 319 49

Working scheme

Shift times: Ordinary 07-16 weekdays (24 h upon request)

Technical Details

Quay length / height: Berth 4 and 5 - Total length 220 m / height 200 cm
Water depth:  8,0 – 8,4 m
Type of berth:  Conventional, bulk and grain loading

Security System

Assessment done by / date: Port Security Officer / 2004-02-27
Security plan available: Upon request to PSO

Other Details

Checklist completed

Vessel / date:
Name / rank:

Access control at gate

Number of gates, daytaime / night: No
Type of barrier: No
Watchmen, number of men per gate: No
In gatehouse / outside: No
Checking procedure: No


Type of fence / height (cm): Fence at the quay


Frequency of patrols: No

Illumination, Lightning

General: Yes
Of quay: Yes
At waterside: By ship

Video supervision

Areas covered: No
Monitoring and recording: No

Alert system

Acoustic alarm: No
Optical alarm: No

Gangway watch

Watchmen: By ship, or on contract by request
Area around gangway: No, or on contract by request

Baggage check, screening


Ships stores check, screening

Random check

Port facility workers

At port facility: 1 – 5 depending type of work, ship etc
On board:  1 – 5 depending type of work, ship etc
Third party workers: Yes

Cargo operations and control

Crane, trucks and loaders


Distance / max speed: 31 M / var
Locks / bridges / canal: One railwaybridge, height 40,5 m
Tidal restrictions: No

Surrounding and harbour basin

Ashore: Södertälje Hamn
At harbour basin: Swedish Maritime Administration VTS and Coast Guard
Supervision of waters around: Swedish Maritime Administration VTS and Coast Guard

*) Classification according to “Classification Table of Port Facilities” letters A to E