The port would like to thank you for your feedback

Published: 6/4/2018 3:14:02 PM

At the end of 2017, we carried out our annual customer satisfaction survey to obtain a Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI), measuring just how satisfied the Port of Södertälje’s customers are. The results have now been analysed for use in future planning.

The annual CSI is one of the Port of Södertälje’s most important tools for its ongoing development.

- We are of course here for the benefit of our customers, both old and new, and it is extremely important to us to hear what they have to say, says Per Fredman, VP Sales & Marketing at Port of Södertälje.

“The responses from our customers provide us with very valuable data about how they currently experience our services and an indication of how they would like us to function in future,” continues Per.

The questions contained in the survey have primarily been addressed to the management of the Port of Södertälje’s customers within the port’s business sector. The Port of Södertälje carefully analyses all responses in order to identify possible improvements. However, even if you have not had the opportunity to respond to this year’s survey, all suggestions for improvements are welcome.

- We are more than happy to receive any suggestions that may lead to improvements for ourselves and our customers, Per points out. If you didn’t have the opportunity to respond to our survey you are most welcome to contact me directly.

The Port is preparing for growth. Just as our customers wish.

One example of a very concrete desire on the part of customers is for the port to continue developing. This is fully in line with the port’s plans.

- It’s nice to be able to say that our strategy is fully in line with our customer’s wishes, says Per. One of many areas of development has been a system for stacking vehicles vertically. This frees up a great deal of space and means that we are suddenly able to offer our customers a whole new level of capacity. We are taking a wide range of measures both to renew, develop and maintain the solutions we already have in place, so that we can meet our customers’ needs in the best possible manner, continues Per.

Learn more in the article “A Port Preparing for Growth”.

The port’s environmental work remains somewhat anonymous

- One issue we are following with interest is how active the port is seen as being with regard to environmental work,” says Per.

- Almost half of respondents to the survey replied “don’t know”, which we consider a shame. We put immense effort into environmental issues and realise that we must be better at communicating this fact. Our focus is always on customer satisfaction and in parallel we are working continuously to truly become a greener port; making us the best choice for both customers and the environment.

Personnel get top marks

The survey does suggest that the port could be better at taking action to rectify those errors that do occur. 

- That’s something that we naturally take to heart, and we are doing our utmost to be better at meeting our customers’ expectations, says Per.

Of course, things may go wrong occasionally, but what’s important is how we deal with it and what we do to resolve the problem. The survey is clear on this issue. One of the very highest marks in the survey was reserved for the port’s personnel.

- It is truly gratifying to have the fact that we are both professional and helpful confirmed in black and white. We do our best to be a secure and competent partner, so we really do thank our existing customers for their words of praise and welcome new customers with open arms, concludes Per.

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